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Friday, February 8, 2008

College Blog News

Claremont McKenna College has a student blogger, Charles Johnson, who runs a site called The Claremont Conservative.

Johnson picked up on a Daily Bulletin story that reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that CMC's $200 million gift from alum Robert Day will not be affected by the SEC's current probe into Day's sale of stock in the French bank Société Générale.

Day sits on the Société Générale board, and he and two foundations Day is associated with sold $206 million worth of the company's stock within a short time before the bank announced a $7 billion loss due to the actions of a rogue trader. Day's spokeperson has denied any use of inside information led to the sales and confirmed the sales were made in part to fund the CMC gift.

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Johnson also noted that the Washington Post's Emil Steiner has written about CMC's recent "White Party" flier incident involving Scripps College Dean of Students Debra Wood ("Debbie Downer" to some of the students):
OFF/Beat's Emil Steiner ripped me off!

So the national media in the form of The Washington Post has finally weighed in on the ridiculousness that is Dean Woods' reaction to the "White Party." Granted, they ripped the flyer from my website and didn't give me proper attribution. *starts muttering about the liberal media...* Don't they know that's bad blogging etiquette? For shame... (I'm being only partially serious.)

The Washington Post got a spokesperson for Scripps College on record for saying the following:

"You could see how the poster might be misinterpreted by someone."

No, I really cannot. Maybe an apology won't be forthcoming.

[Insider editorial note: Thanks and acknowledgment to Mr. Johnson for first posting the image of the flier in question, reproduced here.]

The Washington Post's Steiner thinks Wood's actions are award-worthy:

Interpretations aside, the party, held Saturday, was said to be "excellent," with more than 1,000 in attendance. Organizers attributed their success to Wood, "who publicized it better than we ever could."

For her misguided attempt at promoting open-mindedness, I am proud to award Debra Wood a nomination in OFF/beat's 2008
Idiot of the Year Awards.
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We've rearranged our blog roll in the left hand margin and have added a category called "The Claremont Colleges." Besides The Claremont Conservative, we also have links to Pomona College's newspaper, The Student Life, the Claremont OTR blog, The Claremont Student, and the colleges' radio station, KSPC 88.9FM.