Claremont Insider: Theatre Developer Chosen

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Theatre Developer Chosen

The city of Claremont has decided on a developer to do the renovation and earthquake retrofitting for the Padua Hills Theatre, the Daily Bulletin reports.

Bulletin writer Will Bigham's article said:

Arteco Partners was selected unanimously last week by the Padua Hills Theatre Advisory Committee following interviews with Arteco and another company that submitted a bid.

Jerry Tessier, president and owner of Arteco, said he hopes to begin construction at the theater in December and finish the work within six months.

"We're excited, obviously," said Tessier, a Claremont resident. "Padua is an amazing historical complex. I think it's one of those hidden gems in Claremont."

The project will cost $5 million, and will include complete renovation of the theatre, which currently sits unused. Bigham's article also stated that some of the auxillary buildings will be turned into a bed-and-breakfast operation.

Chantrelle's, the catering company that presently services the theatre for weddings and other functions will continue as the caterer.