Claremont Insider: New Directions at Scripps

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Directions at Scripps

Parody Alert, for the humor-challenged

This morning's post about the misapprehension by Scripps College Dean of Students Debra Wood concerning the "white party" hosted at Claremont McKenna put us in mind of another politically incorrect situation at Scripps last fall that fortunately was squelched before before seeing the light of day.

It seems the Public Information staff was working on a cover for the Fall number of Scripps Magazine, and was stumped on what sort of illustration to use. The Insider, through our usual habit of dumpster diving, found an early draft of the cover which arguably carries the theme "New Directions" even better than the one that was used, shown reduced in size at the left. We guess the first draft was a little too "out there" for the College that styles itself "The Women's College".

Never one to avoid a cheap shot, nor willing to avoid piling on when an institution is already making itself look silly, we disclose, for the first time, a worldwide exclusive, the original draft cover to the Fall, 2007, Scripps Magazine:

End Parody Alert.

Ms. Wood, you may now begin again taking seriously everything the Insider says.