Claremont Insider: Hip Kitty Reviewed

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hip Kitty Reviewed

Meg over at M-M-M-MyPomona has a nice write-up of the Hip Kitty Jazz Club located in the Packing House in the Claremont Village Expansion.

Meg tells us that the night she went in, the place was crowded and lively. Meg writes that she's been there before and wasn't too impressed, but on this visit, the entertainment, fondue, and drinks were just fine, thank you:

The first plate of words I have to eat is the business prospects of the place: As the song goes, that joint was jumpin'. And it was jumpin' with clientele that one doesn't usually see in Claremont -- longhairs, hipsters, Fred Sanford clones, all sorts of folks. It was a pretty good vibe overall. It was an open jam night (maybe they all are, I dunno), and even for non-jazz fans like us, it was entertaining watching the anthropology of each song and set. And the music seemed pretty good too.

Hip Kitty still doesn't seem like a bar run by experienced professionals, but our fondue was mighty tasty. They have four different choices of cheese fondue (as well as other fondues -- meat, chocolate, etc.), but we went with the classic -- gruyère, garlic, and brandy. (Yes, I know, it should be kirschwasser, but the brandy was just fine.) It was served with teacups full of breadcubes; apples & grapes; and broccoli florets & carrot fingers. The bread was the tastiest; I ended up just nibbling on the other things sans cheese.

There's room for discussion over on Meg's post, so check it out and leave your opinion.

Hip Kitty Jazz Club
502 W. First St.
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 447-6700