Claremont Insider: Goings On

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goings On

If you have nothing better to do, head on over to the Claremont Public Library at 208 Harvard Ave. across from City Hall tonight at 6pm.

The city will be holding one of its neighborhood meetings there. The city's website says that although the meetings are for particular neighborhoods, in this case the Claremont Village, anyone can attend.

The two council representatives tonight will be Mayor Peter Yao and Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Taylor. The two are hosting the Village Neighborhood Meeting because those residents are the ones they see as their core constituency.

Come on out and see Taylor in a rare amiable performance. For the most part, she comes off better in smaller groups. Not too small though - one-on-one, with no witnesses, she can be a bear. Look for Taylor (AKA, Queen Ellen) to take over the meeting from Yao. She hates to defer to anyone.

City Council Neighborhood Forum -
Claremont Public Library, 6:00 PM
208 Harvard Avenue
(909) 399-5460